At CyberCPU I pride myself in knowing that the customer is happy with my work. Because of that many customers take the time to tell us what they thought about there experience. If I have done work for you in the past please leave me a review. Thanks agian for being the best part of CyberCPU Computer Repair!

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Sarah ‎ - Dec 31, 2011
Best Ever I cant believe it. My computer was messed up for like 3 weeks. I could not even get on line. I had to do everything with my phone. Rich was here for less then a half hour and my computer was running better then it was when it was new. I will never wait 3 weeks again to call.
Athena ‎ - Nov 29, 2011
Best Ever I had a homework assignment due and my internet just stopped working. Comcast said it was my computer and gave me no help at all. I called cybercpu and he came over that day. It turns out my antivirus expired and shut off my internet. he had it fixed in like 15 minuets. I will not hesitate in calling him again.
Bob- Oct 4, 2011   
Best Ever I recently had a virus that I had tried for a week to get rid of. I had tried every tip and every program on line that promised to work and nothing did. I finally got fed up and called a local computer repair company. Rich came down and you would not believe it, had my computer to the way it was before the virus in less then a half hour. I could not believe it. I had spent every night for a week and nothing worked. I will not hesitate to call again next time I have a problem.
Paul C - Oct 4, 2011
Rich was amazing, both of my computers were a mess. He took the time to work threw all of the details with me and professionally quote me  ( not change things after the fact )... I can highly recommend this company as I have been thoroughly impressed with their business.   paul
S.C. - Oct 4, 2011
Cyber CPU computer repairs was very helpful!  Rich, got my computer working on the spot. He came to my home, diagnosed the issue, and fixed my computer all in the SAME DAY! Wow when does that happen. He was very knowledgeable, super fast, and priced reasonably! I will definitely recommend  and use them again.
 Wayne ‎ - Jun 14, 2011  
Best Ever Rich is friendly and quite knowledgeable of the Industries latest Technologies and it's operating Applications...My First Call for Help is to Cybercpu...Thanks Rich
Noreen - Apr 13, 2011
Best Ever Firefall Jewelers loves CYBERCPU. They keep us online ....all the time!
Tony ‎ - Nov 13, 2010
Efficient Service True meaning of dragging computer somewhere to be fixed....they came to my home office and I was up and running in no time. Thanks!!
Tim ‎ - Oct 18, 2010
Rich came to me! He was there quicklyand helped me get my network up and running. prices were very reasonable as well
Patryk ‎ - Oct 15, 2010
Thanks Google I needed someone to come to my office and fix my network issues. Searched Google and found cybercpu and Rich fixed once and for all
Mike - Oct 12, 2010
mike in san andreas While playing solitaire my computer froze up. I unplugged it as it wouldn't shut off. By the next morning the battery ran out and the computer was silent. I turned it back on but started receiving all sorts of scary messages. I called Rich, who was referred to me by my neighbor, and he came right out and diagnosed my problem was a bad hard-drive. He fixed the problem overnight and my computer is running better than new. Better browser. better internet protection and much faster. I'm putting up flyers and handing out business to anyone in need. Thanks Rich for a great job!!
Tony ‎ - Oct 6, 2010
Terrific job The tech immediately responded and came to me. I had work that needed to be done and my computer had crashed. He fixed it and was very affordable. I highly recommend
Sasha ‎ - Mar 21, 2010
  Fast and Affordable! They came to my home did an evaluation gave me the affordable quote and fixed my computer the same day. Great customer service. I will do business again.
Ricky ‎ - Mar 14, 2010
What a Relief I was pulling out my hair with the way my computer was working, or in this case not working. I called several computer repair man in my area. Speaking with each of them I was left with the impression that they had no idea what maybe, or may not be wrong with my system. To my total surprise three of the numbers were for the same individual with different business name. Really made me wonder why. I was referred to Rich with Cybercpu. He came to my house and in five minute told me my battery in side my computer was defective. Who Knew there was a battery in there? He cleaning out, up dating, and what ever. Today I am so pleased. I spend more on Beer and smokes than it cost me to have my computer repaired, and he did not even charge me a service call. Now that's cool.
Foot HIll Reptiles ‎ - Mar 14, 2010
Great Fixed my computer problems when no one else could.
Brenda ‎ - Nov 29, 2010
We recently moved to Angels Camp and were very uneasy about finding a tech person for our law office. I am so pleased to have found Rich. He is wonderful. He is patient; takes the time to explain things to a non-techie. He very quickly found our problem, repaired it and even groomed our laptops and my printer. I appreciate his prompt and efficient service and will call on him again.


  We will never forget!