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Let us make your problems our problems.

• Desktop & Laptop Repair and Upgrades
• Malware and virus removal
• Slow Computer Tuneups
• Support for Microsoft, Apple, and Linux operating systems
• Wireless Networks installed and secured
• Networking configuration and installation
• Web Design and hosting
• Complete systems, From reliable business systems to advanced gaming systems and servers
• Complete IT solution provider

Mobile support
Free pick up and delivery
Don't bother disconnecting your system, Let us do it for you.

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Support available 7 days a week
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Business and Residential Service

Is Your Computer Running Slow?

You might be infected !

Signs your computer might be infected are
  • Computer running slower then normal
  • Computer locks up or stops responding often
  • Infection warnings from programs you didn't install
  • Errors or crashing programs
  • Blocked webpages of changed homepage
  • Pop-ups or advertisements displaying on your screen

Don't let an infection go unfixed!
The longer you let a computer infection take hold
the worse and more expensive it can be to fix!

Many Internet service providers will shut accounts off to people with suspected infections

Don't wait call today to have your computer diagnosed.

We have many affordable and even flat rate repairs to fix everyone's needs.
No matter what your problem we can fix it.

Support for all operating systems

Here at CyberCPU Computer Repair we support all consumer level and server operating systems. If you have a problem with ether Windows, Mac, or Linux give us a call and we can help.


System Specials

Custom built computers are twice as reliable as the systems you find at most cookie cutter manufacturers because parts can be specifically selected for their reliability rather then their cost. Many manufacturers will sacrifice reliability in order to offer a system at a lower price then the competition. To save more money these systems are built on an assembly line by people that are not IT professionals, in some cases they are outsourced over seas to be built by someone that does not even own a computer.

Our computers are built out of the highest quality parts available. These parts have been chosen by our experience with them in real world applications. They have proven to far exceed the competition in not only performance but also reliability. These systems not only have the best parts but they are assembled by someone qualified to assemble a PC with the experience that matters.

I can custom configure the exact system to meet your needs. If you decide that you want to buy a computer somewhere else thats OK to, give me a call and I will help you set it up.

Free Computer Recycling

Free Computer Recycling

Don't throw your old computer in the trash. Computers contain dangerous chemicals such as arsenic, nickel, lithium, cadmium, chromium and mercury that are harmful to the environment.

Let me come pick up your old computer free of charge.

What will happen to my old computer? Click here for more info

* all drives wiped clean of personal information at no charge!!

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